Live Chat Use Cases

Live chat software that adapts for different business models

Use Live Chat Software For A Variety Of Uses

Lead Generation

Convert website visitors in to warm leads before they leave your site.


Sell your products or services directly inside the Live Chat widget.

Customer Support

Provide website visitors with instant live chat support in the browser.

Online Surveys

Ask customers and website visitors for their opinion with pre or post live chat surveys.

Mobile Apps

Provide online support via Live Chat inside your mobile application.

Build Relationships

Build relationships with your customers and increase customer engagement.

Facebook Messenger

Connect to Facebook Messenger and provide support for Facebook users.


Automate your live chat with Chatbots or Live Chat AI for hands-free support.

Thousands of websites rely on Live Chat

Turn your website into a lead generation machine!

Flexible Live Chat Solution

Live Chat software that can be used by a broad variety of online businesses. Whether you want to generate more leads from your website, increase online sales via the chat widget, provide customer support, build chatbots or just engage with your customers more; Live Chat software can help. By adding a couple of lines of code to your website, you can have Live Chat software up and running in a few minutes and be interacting with your website visitors in no time.

Live Chat software has an extensive set of backend tools, features and functionality that makes it the ultimate flexible chat solution for any type of online business model. Optimise for online sales, generate new leads with online polls and surveys, build chatbots with automated responses and automated greetings, integrate with over 170+ external web and mobile applications and access detailed reporting and statistics via the Live Chat Dashboard. Sign up today for a free 14-day trial to test out Live Chat for your website. No credit card is required.