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Live Chat For Universities

Colleges and universities can be inundated with phone calls and emails from current and prospective students and graduates, especially during term time and at the end of summer. Live Chat software can help educational institutions to swiftly answer queries and provide website visitors with the information they need.

  • Generate leads for prospective students and increase the number of enrolments.
  • Create an online support system for students — Live Chat lets students ask questions or request information about the university, events, courses and more.
  • Streamline communications during the enrolment period — with Live Chat your team can resolve queries much faster than over the phone or by email.
  • Offer assistance to prospective students to help them find the right course or complete the application or clearing process.
  • Communicate cost-effectively with website visitors all over the world — Live Chat has no boundaries.
  • Improve your institution’s image with a professional chat widget, demonstrating the high-quality support system available to students, graduates and staff.
  • Gather information about the university’s website visitors with a pre-chat survey.
  • Students can quickly book appointments online through Live Chat, for example they may want to book a careers guidance meeting, or hire a meeting room.

Live Chat Software for Schools and Colleges

Students don’t always work to the same timetable as university staff, and for those who have questions or need support outside of working hours, Live Chat offers the perfect solution. A well-trained student support team can offer after-hours help and advice for night-owls. Live Chat also demonstrates to prospective students the support system offered by the university.

During the enrolment period, universities can be overwhelmed by calls and emails, but Live Chat relieves the strain on these communication channels. Simple queries can be quickly resolved in a matter of moments, leaving phone lines open for more complex or serious matters.

Live Chat Software for College's

Live Chat is the perfect software for universities and higher education institutes. The software can be installed on the university website by simply adding a few lines of code, then multiple members of staff can monitor and respond to live chat messages. Once Live Chat is up and running, students and staff alike can start benefitting from streamlined communication.

The ability to web chat with a customer service team also increases the likelihood of students enrolling with the university. While the application or clearing process can be daunting to students, Live Chat gives your team a chance to offer support throughout the process.

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What people have to say about Live Chat

Hundreds of universities have installed live chat software and seen immediate results. Live Chat has helped educational institutions increase website visitor engagement, and turn visitors into warm leads or prospective students. Adding Live Chat to academic websites can help institutions improve the ROI of the website, form relationships with students, and increase student and staff satisfaction.