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With a background in software development and an understanding of consumer-oriented markets, our team understands the needs of businesses in contemporary times. We combined our knowledge of what is valuable to consumers with what businesses have to offer to them, to create a solution that aims to encompass the core needs of both, you and your customers. Live Chat guides you towards understanding your target audience, by connecting you with them and what they want.

Our aim was to go beyond just software development and dive deep into understanding what is truly meaningful to people, and how they interact with businesses in modern times. With a large number of people using the internet for their purchases, it is important any software being developed is focused on giving consumers exactly what they want and need, which is the core of our offering.

In addition to a strong focus on understanding consumer needs, our team has also dedicatedly worked towards understanding how to fill the gap between what consumers want and the things that make businesses succeed. From a strong brand to great customer service, there are a number of reasons that businesses can be successful. Today, because of how easy the internet has made communication with one another, it is crucial for businesses to encourage target groups to strike conversations.

With the product that our team has skilfully developed, businesses can work towards bridging any existent gaps, by engaging with their audiences in personalised and helpful communication. Using Live Chat software for your business is not merely an investment, but also a reflection of your dedication towards customer satisfaction and your own success.

Who Uses Live Chat?

SAAS Companies

For companies offering software as a service, it is essential for their customer service to be impeccable. Live Chat supports SaaS companies in supporting their customers fast and efficiently.  


From gathering detailed information about the number of visitors and the time they spend on your page to helping you guide them, Live Chat is a powerful tool to help eCommerce businesses grow.

Service Based

When providing a service, efficiency is crucial. Live Chat helps service companies listen to their customers and respond in a way that helps save time for both – the customer and the business.  

Mission Statement

As a team specialising in the development of intelligent software for businesses, we aim to help businesses interact with customers and prospects efficiently, to be able to listen, understand, analyse, and provide support to people on the basis of what they require. Our mission is to ensure that businesses and their target audiences are enabled to communicate with each other easily and transparently for a positive relationship and to build a great future together.

We use our experience and expertise in the areas of business software development and power the growth of businesses in their respective niches and our aim is to use agility to further propel businesses towards their success. We are on an expedition towards the digitalisation of interactions with the help of business intelligence, thus helping us design and develop intuitive software.

Our core offering is built on the premise that it is not just enough to have a great product, but also to build sustainable relationships with customers and potential buyers and users of the product. For businesses to be successful in the age of digital media, engaging in and striking conversations helps strike a chord in people’s hearts. With the help of a sturdy platform, businesses can aim to drive great customer relationship management.

Our ambition has been to dedicate ourselves to the cause of scaling businesses intelligently and we have so far been able to reflect this ambition successfully through our software. Today we continue to focus on building relevant solutions for businesses so as to help them plan and manage their impact, and craft beautiful relationships with customers.

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Mission Statement

When we first started out, we were mostly interested in the field of software development. Soon after, we realised that there is a world way beyond just building software. An insight into how market research can be combined with cutting-edge modern technologies helped us start developing intelligent tools for businesses to leverage. Why we do what we do is simple. Today we live in a world that is connected and empowered by technology that encourages communication.

The need for businesses to understand the markets they operate within has increased dramatically owing to an increase in the number of people looking to understand how different products can alter their lives for the better. Understanding what their requirements are, helps businesses innovate and create an offering that addresses what people really seek, thus promoting business growth.

With the help of a tool-kit that gathers data from the relevant people and extracts the right details from it, which can help businesses achieve their objectives and goals, we have been able to push our clients towards success. The satisfaction that is generated when our clients have boosted their customer satisfaction levels is one of the main motivators in our dedication towards providing businesses with personalised communication tools.

Our dedication towards building the right tools for augmenting people’s satisfaction also comes from our inclination towards integrating modern digital technologies into something as fundamental as communication. Contemporary communication focuses on digitalising personalisation, making it clear for us, as software developers, what the way forward is.

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What our clients have to say

Having been able to provide our software to clients operating in different industries, we are proud to be a part of their success stories. We have helped numerous businesses, including SaaS companies, eCommerce players, and service-based companies, in providing quick and efficient support to their customers. Leading to an increase in conversions and improved customer satisfaction, Live Chat has been instrumental in helping businesses scale. Here’s what they have to say about how live-chat integration helped them grow.

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