ChatBot Integration with Live Chat Software

Integrate ChatBot with Live Chat software for seamless automation.

Add ChatBot To Live Chat

Live Chat software integrates directly with ChatBot with readily available templates that work out of the box.

  • Automatically assign customers to the correct live chat agent.
  • Compose dynamic cards and carousels using text, images, buttons and actions.
  • Keep track of sign-ups and purchases to measure how well your chatbots are performing.
  • ChatBot automatically tags, labels, categorizes and archives chats.
  • Connect with followers, fans and potential customers from your Facebook page.
  • Create help tickets that live agents can see when they come back online.
  • AI algorithms improve responses over time and adapt chatbots to your requirements.

Engage With Your Visitors

Do you want to increase lead generation and customer interaction on your website? At Live Chat we can help you engage with your customers and generate warm leads from your website visitors to your business website. Live Chat used simultaneously alongside ChatBot can help to automate your business and deliver results pretty much instantly. By using live chat software and a chatbot on your website we can turn your business into an automated lead generation and customer support powerhouse – helping to build relationships with your customers, generate more leads, create new sales opportunities and retain your website visitors.

ChatBot Works Simultaneously with Live Chat

ChatBot integrates easily into Live Chat software with ready made templates and a simple few lines of code to add to your website to get started. Our autonomous live chat software can assign your visitors to the correct agent, filter out spam, answer questions and direct your users to specific pages on your website. It can also automate sales and help to generate more leads with just a few simple settings. Download Live Chat Software today and integrate with ChatBot to experience the ultimate in hands free customer service for your online business.

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What people have to say about Live Chat

Hundreds of thousands of online business owners have installed live chat and ChatBot software on their website and have had extremely positive results by being able to provide instant, real-time support and customer service for their online business. By adding live chat software alongside a chatbot to your website you can drive more sales, increase customer engagement, build trust, improve customer service and generate more leads from your website.