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Convert website visitors into customers

Human beings are fond of conversing and when they have questions, they ask. Integrating a Live Chat widget into your website gives you the opportunity to show your visitors that you are listening to them and are interested in understanding them and answering their queries. In fact, studies have found that by doing so, you can leverage the power of intelligent Live Chat software to increase your conversion rate.

In an age of two-way communication, interacting with prospective customers is crucial for the success of your business. Our intuitive and integrable software was designed to help you show your visitors that you value them and care about what they have to say. By adding our Live Chat software to your website, you can personify your business and encourage real-time conversation between your visitors and your brand.

The availability of personalised and helpful communication induces a feeling of trust in the minds of your website visitors and can guide your business towards success. When your visitors need help, live chat helps them ask for it clearly and quickly. With live chat, you won’t leave your visitors waiting. Take a tour of our features and learn how you can convert visitors into loyal customers and brand advocates.

Provide Support

The age of the internet has changed the way human beings interact, and gone are the days when email support and telephone helpline were sufficient. Everything has become easily available at one’s fingertips and support should be, too. We understand what consumers are looking for and we have a solution for you. Our Live Chat software has been built with a careful analysis of what consumers value today. We designed our software for businesses to be able to listen to what visitors on their website need help with, gauge their requirements, and help them out accordingly. Use our solution to provide solutions to potential customers.

Sell Products

We have created software, which pushes the boundaries of interactions between businesses and their prospects. Using our software, you can make it simpler for people to shop on your website. Here’s how. Our intuitive Live Chat software helps people tell you what they are looking for and you can introduce them to a product on your website, which is relevant to what they require. You can encourage them to view the product and help them out with any further information. With our software, you now have the ability to encourage shoppable interactions, wherein visitors can choose to buy what you offer to them from within the chat-box.

Manage Your Contacts

Our software comes with an in-built feature, which allows you to manage and organise all your contacts, effortlessly. Designed to accommodate different filtering options and the ability to view detailed information about your contacts, you can structure your contact list in a way that is beneficial for your business and its goals. With our efficient contact management feature, you can be certain that you will save a significant amount of time, and be able to easily categorise and reach out to your contacts. Utilise our Live Chat software to go beyond ease – choose efficiency and watch your business scale new heights of success.

Detailed Chat Statistics

Gain access to valuable insights and statistics about the number of visitors, chat conversations, the number of tickets raised by customers, and more. Integrate our astute Live Chat software into your website and gain real-time data; or analyse the trend of all statistics over a specific period of time, to understand how your business is performing in the area of user interactions. With our detailed chat statistics, you can first assess an overview of all available data and then dive in deep to leverage data for improved customer service, by way of better engagement, a better response rate, and a focus on customer satisfaction.

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The power of live chat is undeniable in propelling your business towards its success. Packed with several powerful features, our software gives you the opportunity to improve your customer relationship management and customer service. Win over new website visitors and convert them into customers easily, by encouraging them to interact with you. Focus on increasing customer satisfaction, with the help of our simple tool, driven by, and driving great communication.

You can utilize the solution that we have built for various purposes – to gain intelligent insights into what prospects and customers want, to encourage purchases that are relevant to them, to solve their problems, and to focus on increasing brand loyalty. Sign up to Live Chat now and start leveraging the power of intuitive and beautifully-designed software for the purpose of enhanced customer satisfaction and an amplified conversion rate.