Live Chat For Car Dealerships & Car Showrooms

Intelligent live chat software for car showroom’s car dealerships and garages.

Live Chat For Car Dealers

Live Chat software can drive sales and improve customer engagement on your automobile website.

  • Book MOT’s, test drive visits, vehicle services or other appointments for your visitors.
  • Help to generate new sales leads whilst notifying you in real-time.
  • Answer general enquiries of your visitors, such as – do you have the new model in stock?
  • Helping customers make payments for their service.
  • Collect customer information regarding their visit.
  • Inform customers about a test drive, visit or vehicle service status.
  • Convert website visitors into warm leads before they leave your site.
  • Ask customers and website visitors for their opinion with pre or post live chat surveys.
  • Deliver professional customer support via a seamlessly designed chat widget.

Live Chat Software for Car Showrooms

Do you want to increase car dealership lead generation? At Live Chat we can help you engage with your customers and generate warm leads from your website visitors to your automotive website. Live Chat can help to deliver results pretty much instantly. By using live chat software on your website by adding a couple of simple lines of code, we can turn your car showroom website into a lead generation and customer support powerhouse – helping to build relationships with your customers and create new sales opportunities.

Car Dealership Live Chat Software

Being in the Automotive business, you will understand that buying a car takes a lot more thought and planning than buying the groceries. That is why it’s imperative you have a pre-sales customer support team to answer any burning questions your car showroom customers may have. Live chat software for car dealerships and garages gives your live chat agents the capabilities to advise and help customers while they visit your online car showroom. We ensure your live chat operatives have all the tools necessary to convert leads to customers online, make sales, and close the deal using PCI- and HIPAA-compliant secure forms.

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What people have to say about Live Chat

Hundreds of thousands of online business owners have installed live chat on their website and have had extremely positive results by being able to provide instant, real-time support and customer service for their car showroom or garage customers. By adding live chat software to your website you can drive more sales, increase customer engagement, build trust, improve customer service and generate more leads for your car dealership, showroom or garage service today.