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Live Chat For Travel Agents

Nowadays, most people want to book their holidays online — it’s convenient, and customers can take their time shopping for the best travel deals. But with so many different travel agents and booking websites, it’s important to stay ahead of the competition, and one way to differentiate your business, and rise above rival travel agents is to install live chat software on your website.

  • Offer customers personalised travel advice based on their budget and destination preferences.
  • Instantly answer questions customers might have about travel deals, your booking and payment process.
  • Solve any booking issues for customers instantly, reducing travel reservation delays and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce checkout abandonment and recapture visitors’ attention before they leave your site.
  • Help visitors navigate your website and find the information they need.
  • Use pre-chat surveys to gather information about your website visitors. Information about your customers can help you offer personalised support.
  • Inform customers about current deals and discounts — using Live Chat to deliver this information can be more convenient and efficient than updating website pages.
  • Reach more customers all over the world — unlike with phone calls, Live Chat can be used to talk to anyone, anywhere.

Live Chat Software for Travel Agencies

Before booking a vacation, customers will spend time exploring travel deals and agents to find the best holiday for them. Through live chat software, your customer service team can help website visitors explore travel options and build trust for your brand by establishing a relationship with visitors. With your team on hand to answer questions and provide details instantly, visitors can easily find all the information they need and are more likely to book their holiday through your website as a result.

Travel Industry Live Chat Software

If you want to increase your travel agency’s conversion rates and generate more leads, Live Chat can help you turn website visitors into holidaymakers. Increase customer engagement, and provide website visitors with personalised travel deals that are too good to resist. Communicate with customers through a professionally designed chat widget and help them find the vacation of their dreams.

Through Live Chat, your customer support team can demonstrate an understanding of visitors’ travel desires and point them towards the best travel options. This level of customer care can improve customer satisfaction, and may lead to website visitors becoming loyal customers of your travel agency.

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What people have to say about Live Chat

Thousands of travel agents are using live chat software to communicate with customers, generate leads and secure sales. And with Live Chat only taking a few moments to install, customers see results almost instantly, and straight away Live Chat becomes a form of communication that travel agents wouldn’t be without.

Travel agents can use Live Chat to generate leads, increase travel bookings made online, and offer customers personalised travel information and deals. Generate more leads and increase website conversions by offering customers the information and support they need to purchase holidays with confidence.