Live Chat For Ecommerce & Online Shops

Live chat software for online stores and shopping websites

Live Chat For Your Shopping Website

Using Live Chat Software on your Ecommerce site can increase conversions, turning potential customers into paying customers. Live Chat Software allows you to provide a level of customer service that’s so often missing from online stores. Ecommerce web chat software can be the difference between an abandoned cart, and a sale. It can even be used to increase average order value by upselling customers on additional products.

Here’s a breakdown of how your business can benefit from ecommerce Live Chat Software:

  • Offer personalised customer service to your visitors
  • Answer any questions about your products or services
  • Upsell customers to increase average order value
  • Your team can help many different customers at one time
  • Gather valuable information about your customers
  • Ask customers for their opinion with pre or post live chat surveys.
  • Improve your professional image with a seamlessly designed chat widget
  • Reduce checkout abandonment rates by chatting to visitors before they leave your site
  • Let customers know about new products, deals or discounts available
  • Rise above the competition by offering a higher standard of customer service

Ecommerce Live Chat Software

Unfortunately, most ecommerce businesses only have a 2-3% conversion rate, compared to an average of 22% in physical stores. One of the main reasons customers are more likely purchase goods from brick and mortar stores is the presence of customer service staff. With staff on hand to answer questions, offer information and push sales, customers are more likely to commit to purchases. With Live Chat software, ecommerce businesses can bring customer support to their digital stores. Team members can connect with many website visitors at once, and offer the pre-sales support needed to increase conversions.

Live Chat for Ecommerce Stores: Why Choose Our Software

If you’re hoping to increase conversions by offering your visitors high-quality customer service, Live Chat is one of the best chat softwares for ecommerce businesses. We help you break down barriers between you and your visitors, so that you can form relationships with your customers. Live Chat software puts your team in touch with your visitors, giving you the means to welcome visitors to your site, answer any questions they have instantly, and provide them with personalised customer service.

All you need to do is choose one of our affordable Live Chat plans, add a few simple lines of code to your website, and start communicating with your visitors.

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What people have to say about Live Chat

Thousands of ecommerce business owners have installed Live Chat on their website and seen instant results. By giving your customer service team an online presence, visitors receive the support they need to feel confident about making a purchase. The software increases trust and engagement between your business and your visitors, ultimately driving more sales and increasing order value. Online businesses who have tried Live Chat software for their online store now wouldn’t be without it.